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​It's the Southern Way to do it

             Dispatching Services
We have this service available for anyone or Company that has their own Authority. We will get you freight where you are at, keep you rolling or just if you need to go home. There is no contract, just an agreement. We require 10% off the top of the load for rendering the services . Contact us for further information via phone or email. Go to the contact page and let us know. Thank you for looking at our Dispatch Services.

All the way from the drivers, to the top in the office, We work as a team to fulfill the load needs. We operate in a safe manner and have an excellent CSA score rating because of our drivers. Remember, you always have to treat someone like you want to be treated.
Our mission here at Southern Way Transportation is to fulfill the needs of Our Customers and Shippers products safely and in a timely manner legally, whether that is from the small shipping companies or personal shipping and all the way up to the big shipping names.

Its the Southern Way to do it

We are a small Transportation company slowly growing near Fort Worth, TX. We do hotshot loads or LTL whether its on a 3/4 ton pickup truck and a gooseneck or a big truck and trailer. We do the job very precisely and up hold our combined Commercial Transportation experience.
What We Do
Why We Do It
We are a small Transportation  company near Fort Worth, TX thats growing and we haul just about everything  from the Railroad and Military to the big names like C.H. Robinson and Landstar. We have grown and established names like this for our future business and are still growing with other big names in the transportation industry. We currently run 22 states. No east coast or west coast.
We know its tough out here. Transportation experience has been in our family ever since the early 1970's. We have become more of an established company for the future of the industry and we thought lets go ahead and make a progression for the future with our experience. There will always be ways to cut certain costs in the industry but still gain profit instead of loss while doing it. This is where we come in for this. Feel free to contact us for rates.
How Can You Help
Join Us
 If a company or an individual is out there that needs something hauled, fill free to contact us at anytime day or night. Certain places may be closed during certain hours, but we are not. We have drivers that will run day or night for you as long as they are safe and compliant with the FMCSA. All of our drivers run the Electronic Logging System to make sure this happens safely.
We are looking for safe and dependable drivers with there own equipment. Power only big trucks, 3/4 ton pickups or 1 ton pickups with gooseneck trailers. If you have a big truck with a trailer, thats fine to. We hiring November 2017. Equipment needs to be no more then 10 years old. You can run under our authority or have your own. Go to the employment tab at the top and search for what we have. Thank you in advance for looking at Southern Way Transportation.