Southern Way
​It's the Southern Way to do it
About Us


We are a small family owned company that started in June of 2016 and we are starting to expand with the help of qualified, dependable and safe employees. Our family has been in the Transportation Industry every since the early 1970's. We have recently decided to start up a company and provide cheaper services and future job openings everywhere in the United States. We love the family enviroment of all aspects of life and love our drivers and their families to feel that atmosphere as well. Southern Way is devoted to our employees, the families and to keep the company growing with everyday life and adventure. Remember, theres no reason to complicate it when its already simplified and makes sense.

What sets us away from the competition is ethics, honesty and dependability. This company is ran per the FMCSA and have an excellent safety score to prove it due to our drivers. We will make sure the product gets to its destination in the condition it was loaded in unless it is out of our control. We will never over shoot prices to cheat customers out of money or undershoot prices for our Drivers to loose money neither. We play fair even though this world does not. Why is there always enough time to do the job a second time, when it could have been done right the first time.