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  1. Dispatchers
    NOT HIRING Dispatchers must have at least 1 year Transportation experience as a dispatcher, No Exceptions. Dispatchers will need to plan loads by the day or in advance for trucks from state to state utilizing multiple load board information we have. This is a part-time position up to 35 hours a week and is paid at an hourly rate with incentives to offer. Dispatcher will be on a 1099 form and will be responsible for their taxes. The position is 8am till 5pm Monday thru Thursday and Friday 8am till 11 am. If real busy, the dispatcher will be paid extra if needed. Your duties will require you to call brokers for detailed information about the load. If Southern Way Transportation is not set up with the broker you will complete a carrier package and send other paper work the broker requires. All paper work will require a Company Owners' signature. Knowledge of saving Pdf file and attaching it to email is a must. Other duties will include: *Texting driver location of load and other important information. *Checking in with the driver on loading/unloading status and reporting to brokers *Receiving B.O.L or P.O.D from driver once drop off is made. *Send invoices and other paper work to Factoring company. After training, the dispatcher will have an opportunity to do this from their own home by the day. This position does require honesty and excellent ethics and will be supervised by the day. We're looking for someone who has strong problem solving skills, communication skills, and who is very organized with filing and planning. Must have access to internet, Smart phone with text and Hotspot incase if your on the go, Tablet, PC, or Laptop. Dispatchers will not have a bad attitude toward the drivers, customers or vice versa. Click to Download Application Above Complete Application and Send to:
  2. Drivers
    Hiring Contractors November 2017 We are looking for Trust worthy and dependable Drivers/ Contractors to fulfill load needs. Driver is required to have own equipment. No Accidents or Citations within the last 5 years no Exceptions. Must be a minimum age of 26 years with a CLEAN back ground due to military loads, NO EXCEPTIONS. 10 years of DOT work history if you have it. Must have 5 years OTR or Regional experience within the last 7 years in flatbed pulling trailers loaded and empty, tarping, strapping and chaining for a company "Verifiable" within DOT Regulations, Not Personal only. If hauling a Van Trailer, must have 5 years OTR or Regional "Verifiable" by a company. Certain drivers license requirements will be needed depending on the weight carried. Drivers will receive 70% Gross of the load before anything is taken out. Raises every Quarter for a year. Cell phone monthly is paid. Dead head miles are paid unless you decide to go home. Drivers receive pay for Levels of DOT Inspections. Drivers receive Quarterly safety bonus. Every truck will have an ELD installed. Drivers will not have a bad attitude with the Customers, Dispatchers or vice versa. Insurance down payment to lease equipment on will be required per Insurance Company. Drivers average $2,000 plus a week bring home for 5 days. No weekends required unless changes are made in advance notice. Equipment Requirements: * 1 Ton Diesel pickup with Gooseneck Flat * Semi Truck with Trailer Flat or Van *Trucks cannot be older then 10 years * Vans are required to be dock height * Flat bed Heavy Duty Tarps, certain type, ask us about it *Heavy Duty Bungie Cords * 4 Steel Pipe Stakes * 6 20ftChains and 8 Binders or Ratchets * 4in wide Straps with strap winches welded or on sliders x10 minimum * 4x4 Blocking Wood For load support * Front Workable Dash Cam required * Gps needed in a lot of areas * Can run Apportioned plates under our account if wanted/ preferred by us but not required. If not apportioned, the truck needs to be plated up to 40,000 GVWR for 1 ton trucks and 69,900 for Tractor Trailers Driver, Truck and DOT Requirements: *DOT Medical Card * Class A license for hauling over 26,000lbs *Truck Tractor will have a GVWR of 69,900lbs * Fire Extinguisher "Mounted" in Cab * 3 Triangles * Pickup or Truck Federal only DOT annual inspection * Trailer Federal only DOT annual inspection * Front window tint cannot be less than 70% No Exceptions * Break away cable connection for Trailer mounted to the truck bed if it is a pickup truck * PPE Required: Hard hat, Steel toe shoes or boots, safety glasses, safety vest and gloves. Click to Download Application Above Complete application and send to:
If you have any questions on the above information, please feel free to contact us via email or give us a call.